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best interest rate

When it comes to getting a mortgage, it’s easy to focus on the interest rate.  But, if you only focus on the interest rate, you might be missing some “hidden” fees that makes getting that interest rate more expensive. That sounds counterproductive but it isn’t. Several factors will help create the best mortgage and interest […]

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mortage rates

Find out why the rate you see online is not always the one you will get. Want to know the real way to compare lenders?

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what to say to your lender

What to Say When You First Contact a Lender How to Get the Best Mortgage Series  – Week 1 Follow this series to learn how to get the best mortgage for your specific financial situation and goals.  You’ll see what steps you need to take throughout this process to make it productive and successful! This […]

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Hi, I am Kara Trombly.
I love serving my clients by slowing down the home buying and selling process and providing the knowledge and resources you need.

It is no secret we all feel like we are living on an endless treadmill. We crave more time. We crave more energy. And eventually, we crave a new space to suit our lifestyle.

Perhaps we are dreaming of our own space so that we can begin to build wealth through real estate. Perhaps we are dreaming of more space for our growing family or perhaps we are dreaming of a smaller space so that we can focus on what matters most.

Regardless of the space we dream up, we are often overwhelmed by the question of how? With my knowledge and expert guidance, I will help you find the answers to your "how".

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